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GOBI Victoria Women’s Heated Coat


A long coat can be so helpful each winter season. For unpredictable weather, chilly mornings and winter activities, the GOBI Victoria Women’s Heated Coat is the perfect long coat to keep you warm.

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The abrasion-resistant nylon with conductive thread heating elements means when you invest in this jacket, it could last you a lifetime of heat and comfort. The stylish fit is warm and compliments each body type.

Not only does the GOBI Victoria Women’s Heated Coat feature a two-way zipper and hem cinch bungee, but it also has built-in thumb cuts to throw your best snowball of the season, or at least stay warm without clutching your thermos. It is also water and wind-resistant and available in four fun colors.

Due to its length, there are five heating zones throughout the jacket, with four separate zone in the front and one larger zone down the back. Stay warm for nine hours and be ready for anywhere life takes you.

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