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Gobi Dune Heated Vest


The only item you need to pack on vacation will be your Gobi Dune Heated Vest. This stylish vest hugs the body to create a flattering figure while still not constricting.

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What makes the Gobi Dune Heated Vest the best travel vest and essential travel layer is the option to turn up the heat within the vest. Chose from 3 different temperature settings, low for a cool evening walk, medium for a chilly day and hot for a truly as cold as you can stand adventure.

Get up to 10 hours of heat so you can be warm the whole journey and easily recharge on the go with the mobile USB charging port. The combination of conductive threading technology and water-resistant nylon material means you stay safe, warm and dry wherever you travel.

Available in three sleek colors: onyx, plum and horizon.

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