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Global Grub Sushi Making Kit


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Sushi lovers everywhere rejoice with the Global Grub Sushi Making Kit. This mouth-watering kit is your guide to making your own unique sushi rolls. Each kit has step-by-step instruction manuals so anyone and any age can join in the homemade sushi fun. You can choose any filling you want to add into the mix like fish, veggies or something more creative. The kit provides shelf-stable ingredients and a sushi bamboo rolling mat to make up to eight different rolls. That’s 48 pieces! Then you have the means to roll your own sushi whenever you like. So invite your friends, gather the family or plan a fresh new date night and roll up a feast. Enjoy traveling through food by appreciating one of the most renowned foods from Japan. The Global Grub Sushi Making Kit makes a great gift for foodies and travel lovers alike.

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