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Global Grub Mochi Ice Cream Kit


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Who doesn’t love deliciously sweet pillows of mochi ice cream? Learn how to make your own with the Global Grub Mochi Ice Cream Kit. This is the best mochi making kit for beginners with detailed steps, special shelf-stable ingredients, a dough cutter and ice cream mold. Start with one kit and then add flavors of your own during the next batch when you become a mochi slinging pro. A great activity to teach the family about new cultures or just appreciate Japanese cooking yourself. Looking for a new twist on date night activities? The tasty kit is your answer. Each kit makes 4 batches of 8 mochi pieces so you get 32 total mochi balls to test different flavors mixes and be able to share. Not to mention, this melt-in-your-mouth treat makes an awesome gift idea for anyone, especially travel lovers. So roam the world from your kitchen with the Global Grub Mochi Ice Cream Kit.

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