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Duex Lite Portable Laptop Monitor


Take your work wherever you want to go with the Duex Lite Portable Laptop Monitor. This secondary screen makes completing your office or school work faster and more efficient.

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The screen is lightweight, thin and made out of strong PC-ABS plastic so it’s easy to grab and go. It is compatible with virtually every kind of laptop and quick to connect while you travel with the USB-C and USB-A ports.

With a 10.8”L x 6.1”W viewing area, 16:9 aspect ratio and 12.5″ FHD or 1080P Display, all of your work will be crystal clear in any work environment. Start life as a digital nomad, take a road trip or just explore more of your own city at your leisure with the Duex Lite Portable Laptop Monitor.

Available in two different colors.

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