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Comfy Clothiers Cashmere & Fine Wool Comb


There is no need to worry about fuzz, pills, and lint during your traveling with the Comfy Clothiers Cashmere & Fine Wool Comb. This little wonder is designed to renew the life of your favorite sweaters, layers and work jackets.

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With a stylish, lasting and appealing cedar handle, you can gently shave years or any slight damages off of your clothing. Instantly and efficiently, even your most delicate garments can be de-fuzzed without any snags to worry about.

It is compact to fit in any luggage and easy to take on the go in your travel bag or briefcase. Use it on wool, cashmere, polyester and more. Not to mention, Comfy Clothiers offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can be sure in your purchase or as a gift to a fellow traveler.

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